Van Gogh

Redtech Offshore will be having a multipurpose diving construction support vessel, VAN GOGH that will be delivered by May 2018. The vessel was designed for Diving Intervention activities, Decommissioning activities, Flowline Installations, ROV Services, Subsea Inspections and Subsea Constructions. It will be reflagged with MALAYSIA Flag and this unit will be the most economical vessel in executing projects with low fuel consumptions.

Equipped with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, highly efficient azimuth thrusters, dynamic positioning system and 150t offshore cranes (3,000m water depth). A large platform deck 1,000 m2 deck space suitable for wellhead servicing, inspection & construction diving and ROV support. Moreover, it can also accommodate up to 120 personnel.


  1. 111.58m length x 23m Breadth DP2 Multipurpose Diving Support Vessels
  2. Delivery: Q2 2018
  3. Length of Vessel : 111.58 m
  4. Speed : 12.5 knots
  5. Deck Area : 1000 m2
Item Spesification
Dive System 18 Men Single Bell Saturation System for Depth Down to 300 M
Chambers Air Dive System 3X 6-MEN 1X 2-MEN
ROV Hanger 2x WROV LARS over SB side and Port side
Moon Pool 1 Moon Pool for Dive Bell 3.9m x 3.9m
ROV Dive Depth Up to 3000m

What we can offer to the industry

  1. Turnkey Subsea Solutions
    • New offshore Installation and Construction
    • Deep waters engineered for ROV intervention alone
    • Subsea works performed using shallow Air and Deep Saturation Diving techniques aided by Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
    • Services include : Subsea project evaluation and solutions, Subsea project engineering and procurement, Subsea project supervision and inspection, Subsea installation, Construction, Subsea repair & maintenance, Offshore hyperbaric welding.
  2. IRM & Diving support services
    • Inspection of pipelines and other structures for damages, corrosion and stress defects.
    • Use of visual and non- destructive testing (NDT) techniques
    • Remedial action based on inspection
    • On-going process of maintenance such as marine growth removal, seabed conditions, pipeline stabilization, etc.