Provision Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation of (EPCI) Service for NB0 H4 Water Injection Pipeline Project - Supply & Fabricate J Tube Pipe and Ancillaries.

Client – Repsol

December 2019

Provision of Transportation & Installation Consultancy Services for Phase2, Full Field Development, North Malay Basin Development Projects

Client – HESS Exploration

May 2019

Provision of Decommissioning, Relocation, Modification and Commissioning (DRMC) of Wellhead Platform for Ophir Decommissioning and Jitang Development project.

Client – Vestigo

April 2019

Provision of DP2 DSV and Crew for Underwater Services for PCSB


1st July 2018

Provision of Mini ROV Inspection for West Desaru & Cendor


24th Auguest 2018

PAN Malaysia Underwater Services for Petroleum Arrangement Contractors


4th October 2018

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Flexible Pipeline for Bardegg-2 Baronia- Provision of Goods and Services Sub Contract-Provision of Platform Preparation Services Offshore Sarawak.

Client – Technip FMC / Marine

16th May 2017

Provision of Workclass Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Service for C6.1X Well Monitoring

Client – Pcpp

16th May 2017

Inspection Light Weight Intervention Vessel For well Suspension Contract -15 Wells at Water Depth 900 Meter

May 2017

Provision of Engineering and Project Consultation for MOPU Sepat- Structure and Hull Marine

February 2016


Provision of engineering Dulang (B) Lifeboat platform extension

Client – Techno Fibre

January 2016

Provision for Demobilization of MOPU Energy Producer 5

  • Provision of ROV Vessel for Mud Buoyant tank inspections
  • Provision of debris removal at MOPU EP5
  • Provision of Engineering – Mud Buoyant Tank flooded
  • Provision of Naval Architect, Towing Arrangement, Removal engineering, Ballast Plan
  • Provision of 3 AHTS for MOPU Towing
  • Provision of Rigdown Flareboom & Submersible pump retrieval
  • Provision of Location Approval for MOPU Layup
  • Provision of Jacking crew specialist for MOPU EP5
  • Provision of removal of current towing bracket and replace a new Towing Bracket

Client – Vestigo

February 2017 - ongoing

Provision of Manpower, Equipment and Material to Supply and Install MOPU MP1 Towing Arrangement Including Removal of Existing Smit Bracket and Required Preparatory Works

  • Fabrication Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Proportion of Time rate for Vessel Charter

Client – Vestigo

July 2017

Provision of QC services, manpower-Riggers, NDT Services, Consumables

  • Man Riding Basket
  • QC & MPI Personnel for Basket pad eyes
  • QC & MPI Personnel & Test on 4 legged Sling Wire and Shackles
  • Perform Load Test
  • Provision of Land Transportation

Client – Vestigo

July 2017

Provision of Engineering Preparation Removal and Disposal (EPRD) of Kapal Well Bay Module and Its Support Structure

  • Naval Architect & Structural Engineering
  • Provision of Accommodation Work barge
  • Provision of ROV services (Dredging, cleaning marine growth, underwater cutting)
  • Provision of Diving services
  • Provision of Underwater cutting – Diamond Wire Cutting
  • Provision of Barring & Pinning of conductor 36”
  • Provision of Logistics – Onshore& Offshore (Disposal of WSS Structure)

Client – Vestigo

September 2016

Marine Inspection for AHTS POSH Grace,POSH Gentle and POSH Guardian Including Provision of Rig Move From MMHE Pasing Gudang to Batam

Client – Perisai

May 2015

Crude Oil Offloading & Pilotage Mooring Activities

June 2015- June 2017

Carry out the Vessel Simulation and Consultancy for Offloading activities

August 2015

Client – Lundin Petroleum

Marine Inspection Survey and Dynamic Positioning Assurance

July 2015 - March 2016

Marine Inspection and CMID Survey

July 2015 - March 2017

Carry Out Dynamic Positioning Document Review and DP Consultancy

August 2015

Carry out Dynamic Positioning assurance and Failure mode analysis

October 2015

Client – Petrofac