Demobilization of FSU Nautica Muar From Bentara Field

Client – Vestigo

October 2021

PLEM Valve Replacement, Anchor Chain 5 Reconnection, SBM Repair, Floating Hoses PD Nearshore

Client – Hengyuan Refining

April 2020

Decommissioning Relocation Modification Commissioning DRMC

Client – Vestigo

December 2019

Provision Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation of (EPCI) Service for NB0 H4 Water Injection Pipeline Project - Supply & Fabricate J Tube Pipe and Ancillaries.

Client – Repsol

October 2019

Provision of Transportation & Installation Consultancy Services for Phase2, Full Field Development, North Malay Basin Development Projects

Client – HESS Exploration

May 2019

Provision of Decommissioning, Relocation, Modification and Commissioning (DRMC) of Wellhead Platform for Ophir Decommissioning and Jitang Development project.

Client – Vestigo

April 2019

Provision of DP2 DSV and Crew for Underwater Services for PCSB


1st July 2018

Provision of Mini ROV Inspection for West Desaru & Cendor


24th Auguest 2018

PAN Malaysia Underwater Services for Petroleum Arrangement Contractors


4th October 2018

PAN Malaysia Underwater Services for Petroleum Arrangement Contractors


4th October 2018

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Flexible Pipeline for Bardegg-2 Baronia- Provision of Goods and Services Sub Contract-Provision of Platform Preparation Services Offshore Sarawak.

Client – Technip FMC / Marine

16th May 2017

Provision of Workclass Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Service for C6.1X Well Monitoring

Client – Pcpp

16th May 2017

Inspection Light Weight Intervention Vessel For well Suspension Contract -15 Wells at Water Depth 900 Meter

May 2017

Provision of Engineering and Project Consultation for MOPU Sepat- Structure and Hull Marine

February 2016


Provision of engineering Dulang (B) Lifeboat platform extension

Client – Techno Fibre

January 2016

Provision for Demobilization of MOPU Energy Producer 5

  • Provision of ROV Vessel for Mud Buoyant tank inspections
  • Provision of debris removal at MOPU EP5
  • Provision of Engineering – Mud Buoyant Tank flooded
  • Provision of Naval Architect, Towing Arrangement, Removal engineering, Ballast Plan
  • Provision of 3 AHTS for MOPU Towing
  • Provision of Rigdown Flareboom & Submersible pump retrieval
  • Provision of Location Approval for MOPU Layup
  • Provision of Jacking crew specialist for MOPU EP5
  • Provision of removal of current towing bracket and replace a new Towing Bracket

Client – Vestigo

February 2017 - ongoing

Provision of Manpower, Equipment and Material to Supply and Install MOPU MP1 Towing Arrangement Including Removal of Existing Smit Bracket and Required Preparatory Works

  • Fabrication Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Proportion of Time rate for Vessel Charter

Client – Vestigo

July 2017

Provision of QC services, manpower-Riggers, NDT Services, Consumables

  • Man Riding Basket
  • QC & MPI Personnel for Basket pad eyes
  • QC & MPI Personnel & Test on 4 legged Sling Wire and Shackles
  • Perform Load Test
  • Provision of Land Transportation

Client – Vestigo

July 2017

Provision of Engineering Preparation Removal and Disposal (EPRD) of Kapal Well Bay Module and Its Support Structure

  • Naval Architect & Structural Engineering
  • Provision of Accommodation Work barge
  • Provision of ROV services (Dredging, cleaning marine growth, underwater cutting)
  • Provision of Diving services
  • Provision of Underwater cutting – Diamond Wire Cutting
  • Provision of Barring & Pinning of conductor 36”
  • Provision of Logistics – Onshore& Offshore (Disposal of WSS Structure)

Client – Vestigo

September 2016

Marine Inspection for AHTS POSH Grace,POSH Gentle and POSH Guardian Including Provision of Rig Move From MMHE Pasing Gudang to Batam

Client – Perisai

May 2015

Crude Oil Offloading & Pilotage Mooring Activities

June 2015- June 2017

Carry out the Vessel Simulation and Consultancy for Offloading activities

August 2015

Client – Lundin Petroleum

Marine Inspection Survey and Dynamic Positioning Assurance

July 2015 - March 2016

Marine Inspection and CMID Survey

July 2015 - March 2017

Carry Out Dynamic Positioning Document Review and DP Consultancy

August 2015

Carry out Dynamic Positioning assurance and Failure mode analysis

October 2015

Client – Petrofac